The Deal

Ellen, if you're reading this: Yes, we'd be glad to be on your show.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week One: Free Bacon Cheesecake from Hippies

Hi, there.  Cobes here.  (Remember "Face" from Nick Jr.?  Most of you don't, it's cool.  I was probably watching "Little Bear" when I should have been watching reruns of "Golden Girls".  It's fine.  Anyway, my greeting just referenced that.  And has turned into a blog post all its own.  Moving on.)

I'm in Colorado!  It's everything I dreamt it would be.  I've been having SO much fun taking it all in that snapping photos has slipped my mind most of the time.  I'm going to do better, I swear.  But, here is what I have of our adventures thus far.

It was a lovely trip.

This happened the first night.  Bacon cheesecake.  Life changing.  If you visit for no other reason, come so we can drink beer and eat bacon cheesecake at Trinity Brewery.

These are my precious roommates.  We had a legit photo shoot at Garden of the Gods yesterday.  Stay tuned for pics of the whole threesome.

This is my current nightstand situation.  The house still needs stuff, but it's awesome.  Video tour coming soon.

This is what I do.

This is what I see.

This is our joint.  I've lived here 7 days and, we have been here 3 times.  They know us.  They love us.  Their happy hour is killer.  It includes queso.  It lasts all day.  Seriously.  11am-6pm on Saturday.  Happy, indeed.
So, this is the start of our adventure.  I'm the only one still unemployed.  This means I get to read a lot.  And I try to have dinner ready when the roommates get home.  You know, just brushing up on my housewife skills.  I think I'm going to take my fun to coffee shops this week and see if I can start my award-winning pre-teen novel.  Or, I'll take the 20-something white girl route and write my memoir.  Who knows.  I'll be in touch, however.  Ever-so-soon.

xo from CO! :)


Monday, May 2, 2011


So, it's more than official.  Deposits are paid and leases are signed.  We have a hoooome!  I'm only seeing it through pictures so far, but I already love it.  I can't wait for my brilliant roommate to put her creative awesomeness into it.  It will be a hip pad.  Full of hip things.  You can guarantee we'll be hosting a gathering on any given weekend/holiday.  You're invited.  Here it is!

Our house.
Pretty floors for dance parties.
This is where we will sit and knit.
Pretty floors will also be great for sock skating.
Stairs.  These will be festive during Christmas.  Count on it.
 We'll make food here.  And talk about meaningful stuff.  Like...Taylor Swift's latest boyfriend.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Drum roll please.......

Welp, here goes nothing. Let me just start out by saying I've never wanted to be a blogger. In fact, just writing this makes me feel the need to post a picture of the most recent thing I ate which is a lot of pressure considering I have no clue where my camera is. Not only have I never blogged, I've spent a good amount of time evaluating what would be the pros and cons of doing so. And I'm still not convinced its my thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid believer in expressing oneself... however, I've just always preferred to do so in my own journal where no one has a chance to judge me except Jesus. That being said, I've found myself being the proud new owner of two new roommates who have affectionately insisted we give blogging a go. So, here I am: Leslie Elizabeth, team player, from Alaska to Colorado, wannabe knitter extraordinaire (don't worry, I hate cats), introducing myself to whoever in the world actually reads these things. Let the games begin.

xo from CO